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How the Planned Use of Septic Services Can Actually Save You MoneySeptic tanks are a common feature of many American homes, and a whole septic services industry has developed to install and maintain these systems. Septic systems are designed to store, separate and break down sewage and waste matter. The structure and basic premise of most septic systems has changed very little since they were developed in France in the 1860’s.

Septic tanks use naturally occurring bacteria to break down solid waste material into liquid form. This liquefied waste is then pumped into the drain field, where it is further broken down and absorbed into the soil around the drain field.

Unfortunately, though, septic tanks usually can’t completely break down all of the solids entering the system. As a result, semi-solid sludge accumulates at the bottom of the tank. This sludge must then be periodically pumped out and removed from the site by a septic services company.

If the sludge level is allowed to build up too much, it can reach the level of the outlet from where liquid material is pumped or flows into the drain field. This can result in possible damage to the pump and the drain field becoming clogged – leading to an expensive, disruptive and inconvenient repair that may require digging and cleaning out of the drain field.

One of the best ways to keep a septic system working properly  is to have it regularly inspected by a competent local septic services company to determine when it needs to be pumped out and if there are any components that need repair or replacement. This preventative maintenance will reduce unnecessary repairs and maintenance and save money in the long run.


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