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Septic Tank CleaningAs long as your septic tank is working, you might not even realize where it is or what it’s doing. When a septic system goes awry; however, it can cause severe problems overnight. The key to avoiding these nightmare scenarios, and to improving the life of your septic system, is regular septic tank cleaning.

Like many other systems in your home, a yearly inspection can identify and remedy problems with your septic system long before such problems become visible aboveground or damage your home or property. A proper septic tank cleaning will focus on three areas:

  • First, the level of sludge and scum in the septic tank will be measured. If either of these is too close to the effluent discharge pipe, it’s probably time for the tank to be cleaned. Depending on multiple factors, the average septic system requires cleaning annually, bi-annually, or tri-annually.
  • Second, the drainage field should be checked to make sure the pipes aren’t obstructed and are draining properly.
  • Third, the other pipes in the system that lead from the home to the tank should be checked for obstructions or potential problems.

Planning a yearly septic tank cleaning is the best way to keep your septic system working its best.

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