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We provide professional septic system pumping that protects your tank and other vital components.

As long as your plumbing system is working correctly, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about its inner workings and function. However, when something goes wrong and causes a clog or backup, plumbing becomes a critical issue in your living space. One of the best ways to prevent a clog or backup when your property relies on a septic system to process and store waste is to keep up with regular septic maintenance, including septic system pumping.

Septic System Pumping in Tampa, Florida

When you flush a toilet or rinse something down a drain in your home, the liquid and solid waste move through the pipes into your septic tank, which is a concrete box buried beneath the ground on your property. Over time, the solid waste forms layers, called sludge, that stay behind until the tank is pumped. Most septic tank manufacturers recommend septic system pumping every three to five years, although the frequency depends on the size of the tank and the needs of the household.

If you’re in or around Tampa, Florida, our experienced technicians at Lee Kirk & Sons Septic can take care of your septic needs. We provide professional septic system pumping that protects your tank and other vital components. Our company has been serving local property owners for more than 40 years, so your system is in good hands with our technicians. You can also rely on us to handle other septic needs that may arise, including repairs and other maintenance tasks. Schedule your septic tank maintenance service by contacting us today.

At Lee Kirk & Sons Septic, we offer septic system pumping services in Polk County and the rest of Central Florida, including Lakeland, Plant City, Davenport, Winter Haven, Tampa, Bartow, Brandon, Lake Wales, Pine Hills, Fort Meade, Haines City, and East Tampa.