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Don’t Wait for the Crash! Schedule Septic System Cleaning TodayYour septic system has an important role to play in your household, and it works in a relatively easy way. Wastewater from a toilet, washing machine, shower or sink flows out of your house and into the tank. Heavy solids then sink to the bottom (sludge) and smaller pieces float to the top (scum). Natural bacteria break down scum and sludge, and the water flows though a filter into the drain field where other bacteria purify it further.

However, the bacteria can’t break down all the solids in the tank, so, over time, these accumulate and need to be removed periodically through septic system cleaning. Without this procedure, your tank will eventually allow solids into the drain field, where they start clogging the soil. When the soil gets too clogged, the septic system will not be able to handle flushing. With this type of failure, the entire drain field will need replacing, and maybe even the soil as well.

One way to avoid failure is septic system cleaning. It must be done periodically! A system can seem to be working fine for a long time without maintenance, but eventually, it will crash. While it appeared to be okay, it was actually getting into so much trouble that, by the time a septic contractor detects a problem, it’s too late to do anything about it.

The frequency of septic system cleaning depends on several factors, including:

  1. Tank capacity or size
  2. Number of occupants (volume of wastewater)
  3. How often a garbage disposal is used


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