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aerobic septic systemWith an aerobic septic system, effluent is cleaner than a standard absorption field by the time it reaches its distribution point, where treatment occurs in the drain field below the soil. As such, there is less risk of groundwater contamination with an aerobic septic system.

Below are 2 situations when an aerobic septic system would be more viable than a standard one:

  1. Problematic soil: Aerobic systems can be installed by a septic contractor on properties where the soil is not suitable for a standard drain field, such as clay or rocky soils. Because most of the treatment takes place within an aerobic unit, the system doesn’t require specific soil criteria to treat wastewater.
  1. Aerobic systems can be a perfect alternative for challenging lots: Even if the soil is suitable, other criteria – such as surface improvements, setback requirements and available access to the property – need to be met. Often, a lot may not be big enough for a standard system and/or it has large mature trees, a patio, deck, or pool that restricts access. An aerobic septic system is much more flexible, making it the best choice for a challenging property.

Another good thing about aerobic systems is that they are ‘green’. The water used in your home is recycled to your lawn. The water travels through the system, where it’s treated before being sprayed onto the grass via connected spray heads.

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