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Key Advantages of an Aerobic Septic SystemMost septic systems utilize anaerobic bacteria to filter and break down waste water and solids. In comparison to a system that uses anaerobic bacteria, an aerobic septic system has some key advantages. Some of these include:

  • Leaching Field Size: One of the main benefits of aerobic septic systems is the size of the leaching field because it can be used more effectively with small drainage fields than traditional systems. A smaller drain field will significantly reduce the amount of space needed for the system. This is extremely advantageous in places where large leaching fields are not acceptable.
  • Speed: The bacteria used in an aerobic septic system break down waste quicker than anaerobic bacteria. As such, solids don’t build up as fast, and the system won’t need pumping as often.
  • Cleaner Effluent: This refers to the wastewater that’s processed and then recycled into the environment. Aerobic systems are capable of producing much cleaner effluent than conventional systems. This is very useful when septic systems are needed in places where the environment is fragile – for example, those with high water tables.
  • Repair: Another key advantage is that an aerobic septic system can be used to repair a conventional one. If your conventional system has failed, an aerobic one can be installed in its place. Also, wastewater generated by an aerobic system might be able to clean a failing leach field as it flows through it. This saves the cost of digging up the entire field to replace it.


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