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septic tank cleaningAlthough septic tank cleaning (also called pumping) may vary between providers, there are a few things that should always happen during the procedure.

  • Access lids exposed: Septic tanks installed after the late 1980s have 2 compartments. Both lids should be exposed so that both compartments can be cleaned.
  • Access lids opened: It’s not always easy to open the lids, and they sometimes have to be pried open. Also, they frequently break due to lack of reinforcement or corrosion. Septic tank cleaning professionals carry extra lids and can replace yours if it breaks.
  • Tank pumped: The septic contractor will remove solids and liquids from the tank via a hose connected to his vacuum truck.
  • Tank cleaned out: The contractor will rinse the tank with water to remove as much other debris as possible.
  • Visual inspection: The septic tank cleaning process should include checking the tank for corrosion and roots. The contractor should also check the tank’s baffles and ensure that the dividing wall is secure.
  • Close and recover lids: Most tanks are buried 18 to 24″ deep. If yours is deeper than this, your contractor may suggest installing a riser to lift the lid closer to the surface for easier access during future maintenance.

When it comes to choosing a contractor for this job, don’t take any chances – use someone who is well-known in your community.

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